Bring Out Your Gay

There are many times in life when a straight person will bring out their gay.  Is he made, you may say?  Not today.  We are looked upon to provide services such as flower arranging, interior decorating, haircutting, and wedding dress shopping.  For some reason, people think that we gay men are better at these activities.

I don’t deny that certain professions appear to attract gay men.  It is usually in the form of the stereotypical flaming gay, but not necessarily.  I don’t know why we pick these professions, but we do.  They tend to be creative jobs that offer rewards other than material ones.  Even I have been know to channel my inner poet.

Brides on TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress often bring their favorite gay guy to help them shop for wedding dresses.  Why do these brides think that a gay guy is necessary?  Do they think we have good taste?  Do they think we know everything there is to know about wedding dresses?  At a minimum it is good old stereotyping.  At a maximum we will tell the truth to the poor bride.

The more we work in those professions, the more we strengthen the stereotype that gay guys are good at these jobs.  We call this a self-perpetuating stereotype.  There is some amount of truth in every stereotype.  All joking aside, it is a minor annoyance that brides bring their gay.  I still have no idea why each bride has only one gay.