Gun Safety

glock_19_mos-1I am a handgun fan.  My name is Jason Cable; I am a Democrat; I own two handguns; I hate assault weapons; I have a concealed carry permit; I have Hillary Clinton’s name tattooed on my ass.  Guess which statement is false?  I am a Hillary fan but, alas, I won’t even tattoo my own name on my skin.

Democrats piss me off when it comes to gun rights.  I think we all have a right to own guns.  With that right comes the mandate to use and store those guns properly in accordance with the rules.  Donald Trump is also wrong when it comes to having people have guns inside of clubs.  According to rule number 4, below, a gun is the last thing you want in a crowded room full of people.  Also, there is the HUGE rule that guns and alcohol don’t mix.  Both sides are wrong.  The Democrats need to learn the rules of safe gun ownership and the Republicans need to realize that NO ONE needs to own an assault weapon, sniper rifle, etc.

Let’s start with a simple lesson.  Everything you have seen about handguns on TV shows and in movies is wrong.  Huh?  You mean a gun doesn’t sound like that when you cock a gun?  No.  But.. but… you mean that you don’t have to constantly cock the gun?  Depends on the type of gun, but in normal use, no.  I could spend an hour talking to you about the abuses of pistol use.  Of TV news, you need to know a few more things.  Guns only go off accidentally if you don’t follow safety procedures.  If you trip and fall, most modern guns will not discharge.  Also, if a child can get at a gun, the owner is to blame.  There is no such thing as an accidental child gun death.  In my book, owners are responsible.  Guns don’t kill people; people kill people.  It’s cliche, but true.

Universal Safety Rules

There are four universal safety rules for guns that were developed by the world-renowned gun expert, Colonel Jeff Cooper.  These rules are in force anytime you handle a gun.  Failure to follow these rules means you are stupid.  Yes, stupid.

1.) Treat all guns as though they are always loaded and always perform a clearance check every time you pick one up!  There is a lot to this statement.  It is meant to help prevent accidental shootings.  The fact of the matter is that you do not know if a gun is loaded when you pick it up.  You may think you know, but what can it hurt to check?  It may seem like you are checking constantly, but that is good.  One important part of this rule is that when someone hands you a gun that they just checked, you need to check it again.

2.) Never point your gun at anything that you are not willing to destroy!  This one is pretty self-explanatory.  The hidden issue is that you need to be aware of how far a bullet can travel.  A 9mm pistol bullet can travel several miles.  It can go through people, furniture, cars, and cinder blocks and still hurt or kill a human.  This rule also speaks to another unwritten one that says that you should only draw a gun if you are going to fire it.  A responsible gun owner should never draw a concealed weapon unless they are using it [to kill in self defense].

3.) Keep your finger OFF the trigger and outside the trigger guard until you are on the target and have made the decision to shoot!  What?  Yes, everything you have seen on TV and in the movies is wrong.  Always keep your finger outside of the trigger guard (in above picture, the part surrounding the trigger).  We do this to prevent accidental shootings.  This is the rule that I find to be very annoying but even more important.  It slows down your response time, but is absolutely necessary for safety.

4.) Always be sure of your target and beyond!  I talked about this a little earlier.  Bullets can travel far and fast.  Absolutely be sure of what you are targeting.

In following these rules, especially numbers 2 & 4, you would never take a gun into a nightclub.  It would be stupid and irresponsible.  I do have a concealed carry permit, but have rarely done so.  If people want to, fine, as long as they follow the rules you have just read.

The Reforms I Support

These reforms are much more complex than they seem.  This is an idea of what Congress should pass.

  1. Universal background checks, except for family members. Require background checks on internet orders, prize winnings, and person-to-person sales/transfers.
  2. A ban on the sale, distribution, and manufacture of assault weapons, except for international sale.
  3. More lax rules on the requirements a handgun must have to be allowed to be imported.  This should be done and it is a bargaining chip.
  4. All handgun sales, except for those made pre-1899, must be performed by an FFL (Federal Firearms License) holder.