I’m Back!

Well, after a very long hiatus, I am back into the social media scene.  11 years ago, I started a podcast that focused on LGBT issues.  When I finished the run, I thought that I had gone through every issue possible.  I was very wrong.  Our issues have become more nuanced and much more local than national.  With the passage of same sex marriage, it looks like that we have progressed even further.  This blog will be discussing where we are.  It will also cover topics that are interesting to me.  Look to find things that are existential, nerdy, cerebral, low-brow, reflective, conservative, over-the-top, and emotional.  I can call myself each of these things at different times.  You can call it a “complex” personality, if you wish.  I am doing this for my own sanity, which I will cover.  I look forward to talking to you in the coming years.