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Jason L. Cable is a fiction writer who draws on a diverse background to craft stories about LGBTQ+ human life with a visceral sense of reality and truth. He has an MA in Writing from the Johns Hopkins University. Jason grew up in rural Warren, Pennsylvania, and lived for six years in the New York metro area. He currently lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he works as a full-stack .NET software engineer.

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Senior software engineer Jason L. Cable draws on a diverse background to craft stories about LGBTQ+ human life with a visceral sense of reality and truth. He grew up a gay man in the rural town of Warren, Pennsylvania in the 1980s and 1990s. As a child, he struggled with his sexuality in a place where his peers saw different and unique as a means to attack. As an adult, Jason lived on Long Island, New York and northeastern New Jersey for six years and has spent the past 18 years in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he works as a senior software engineer. Jason has been a technology worker for 27 years, working in a variety of fields such as IT services, education, logistics, finance, home security, and long term care pharmacy. He has a BA in Psychology from Ashford University and is pursuing an MA in Writing from the Johns Hopkins University. Jason has self-published one novel, has written a one act play, and has written several fan fiction novels and short stories.

Skills & Expertise


⎼ Fiction with LGBTQ+ characters

⎼ Speculative Fiction with LGBTQ+ characters

⎼ M/M Romance

.NET Full-stack Developer

⎼ SQL Server (2000-present)

⎼ C#/.NET (2002-present)

⎼ 28 years in technology

⎼ 32-year user of Microsoft Word


⎼ Diploma - Warren Area High School (1998)

⎼ BA in Psychology - Ashford University (2012)

⎼ MA in Writing, Fiction - Johns Hopkins University (2024)


Works in Progress

  • Truth in the District (novel) - A satirical novel, explores the life of gay freshman Congressman Alexander Fox, who goes to Washington DC to find the truth behind the lies, but ends up finding more about himself in the process.
  • Reggie’s Pub (low magic world) - Set in rural England, this novel series will follow a group of close friends as they cope with death, new jobs, and taxes.

Work Experience


Jason L. Cable

Pittsburgh, PA (Point Breeze)


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Pretty Pictures

Dew Evaporing on the Soil Tip (Wehrum, PA)

My great grandfather worked at the coal mine in the ghost town of Wehrum, PA before the mine closed in 1929. My great grandmother worked with the camp doctor as a midwife. The old mine shafts and entrances have been sealed, but here is a great little Orthodox cemetery nearby with headstones featuring pre-WWII Ukranian script. You can find Wehrum on The Ghost Town Trail.

Go the Distance (Breakneck Ridge, NY)

This is one of my favorite spots in the world. This was taken with an old Pentax Super ME by placing the camera on the tracks north of (facing north) the railroad tunnel through Breakneck Ridge. The tracks are on the west side of Route 9-D, next to the Hudson River (there’s a pull-off for cars). This railroad tunnel is a dead-ringer for the one featured at the end of the movie North by Northwest (1959). While you’re in the area, visit the railroad station at Garrison, NY to see where parts of Hello, Dolly! (1969) were shot. Stop by Cold Spring and walk to the river to get an awesome view of West Point from across the Hudson. In the autumn, drive across the river to see the leaves change from the top of Bear Mountain.

No Ball Playing (Fort Hancock/Sandy Hook, NJ)

This is a “NO BALL PLAYING” sign on a handball court at Fort Hancock in New Jersey. I shot this on black and white film many, many years ago. I wonder if it’s still there?

Rainbow at the Great Falls, Passaic River (Patterson, NJ)

There’s a faint rainbow in the bottom right of the photo. These falls were originally created by Alexander Hamilton to power the silk mills around the Passaic River in Patterson, New Jersey. The falls are a hidden gem and worth visiting. Be safe if you visit. Wear thick-soled shoes. The neighborhood is not the best, although that may have changed with the newly (2023) revamped Hinchliffe Stadium. I liked 2.5 miles north of the falls for about five years. I visit when I get back to New Jersey.